Send in a rebate recently? Don’t get screwed.

If you’ve sent in a mail-in rebate recently that advised you to check its status on, think again. Continental Promotions Group (CPG) has recently filed for bankruptcy, which means any cheque you may get will come back with non-sufficient funds. If you haven’t already received a cheque, you probably won’t be getting one.

Your best bet at this time is to contact the company that sponsored the promotion and determine what their plans are. I personally had a rebate out with Epson; their Canadian home page has an announcement under “Important Rebate Information” advising people to call a customer service number. I had a pleasant conversation with Elizabeth this evening regarding my cheque, and I’ve got an outstanding email to resolve things. I’ll update when this comes through, but figured it was important to get this information out.

Any outstanding rebates that you may not have mailed in yet – the best bet to avoid trouble is check the bottom of the form. If they suggest visiting for updates and tracking information, talk to the company and see if there’s an updated form or revised rebate offer.

There’s also a reasonably complete list of companies affected at FatWallet.

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