BlackBerry Media Sync: check it out

If you’ve picked up a BlackBerry, have a microSD card and run Windows, I’d highly suggest grabbing a copy of Media Sync. This application links in with your iTunes playlists and copies selected ones to your media card, letting you hit up many tunes on your device.

While I know the app has been available to the public for a while now, I’m not seeing any sort of official press release. Most people I’ve talked to were unaware that it existed and were thrilled to have the ability to grab their music.

Oh, FYI – you can set any MP3 as your ringtone on a BlackBerry; none of this nonsense with carriers crimping your style like on other phones. (Looking at you, Rogers and Sony Ericsson…) Nobody wants to convert audio files to some obscure Soviet format or debrand a device for this simple capability. To the dismay of many individuals, I’ve made “Surfin’ Bird” my selection for this necessarily annoying noise.

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