Day one

Today was the first official day of classes up at UW, which means that tomorrow is free from any obligations. I have an afternoon tutorial for English 109 that is not applicable, since the first official lecture hasn’t been held yet. I did attend two classes today:

  • Math 136 (Linear Algebra 1), and
  • CS 245 (Logic and Computation).

Math has always been a challenging subject for me, so it was a pleasant surprise that the introductory material on linear systems was still familiar. I’m sure the pace of the course will pick up, which will necessitate giving it a fair amount of attention during this term. It’s also fortunate that Warren is enrolled in the same section, so that there’s a mutual backup system for note taking.

As for the Computer Science course, the professor (Prabhakar Ragde) seems extremely enthusiastic and positive about the course. It’s effectively a proofs course in CS, which is something that either will be extremely engaging for me, or a complete stumbling block. Prabhakar’s comments on looking at assignments as if they were puzzles intrigued me; that’s one part of development I tend to enjoy. Solving a particular task – or in this case, proving a particular proof – is a core part of programming that lets developers achieve milestones.