Force remove a message stuck in an Outlook outbox

I’m writing these instructions up for posterity, since this is now the second time this incident has happened and I wanted to preserve the instructions for the MDBVU32 tool. The first time, it was a bad read receipt causing an annoying popup for every sent message; an outstanding client can’t send or receive any messages. (Original instructions are at

This situation can occur on most versions of Outlook and requires a repair utility from Microsoft to fix. To avoid completely trashing the mailstore, grab a copy of MDBVU32 (the Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store Viewer) from Microsoft or from here.

Start the utility, then click OK to the first dialog. Then,

    • Click MDB > OpenMessageStore, select the item with the “D” next to it for the default PST file.
  • The message will be in either MDB > Open Root Folder or MDB > Open IPM Outbox.
  • Select the stuck message in the middle column and select lpMDB->AbortSubmit(), then Call Function.
  • Select OK, then log out by MDB > Store Logoff > OK > OK
  • Close the application by Session > Session Logoff, then close any remaining windows.

 Updated April 2014 to replace self-hosted link to tool.

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