Into 2010 with a few changes

It was late April when I last wrote about my life and avoided a HOWTO-style article, and with the introduction of 2010 I figured I’d bore everyone who’s expecting a XenonMKV version with some personal updates and what I’m expecting for this next year.


I went to Las Vegas again – this time trading in the presence of my parents for the much more entertaining company of Kayla and Dave. We stayed at the MGM Grand, saw Zumanity and played a whole lot of $3 blackjack at Hooters Casino. Our schedules worked out well, and Dave played a whole bunch of poker. This culminated in him winning a significant amount of money off a Texan guy with a cowboy hat and boots.


brought in a whole number of consulting clients, and a renewed involvement in The Linux Experiment as I cursed out Gentoo for being obtuse and refusing to “just work.” BlackBerry Messenger 5.o was also released, and I expanded my contact list to a few more BlackBerry enthusiasts. To this day, I still receive many ridiculous mass messages – so I’m not entirely sure if this was a good thing.


was boring, at least according to my email. My main excitement was the purchase of an Aastra 480i CT VOIP phone for my bedroom/office, which connects to an Asterisk server and provides convenient phone services – sometimes my BlackBerry doesn’t get the best reception in the basement. I also began investigating rental properties in Waterloo for May 2010 as my existing lease expires at the end of April.

Electronics also broke fairly regularly in November, with both my Xbox 360 red-ringing and my BlackBerry Bold deciding to reset randomly. The Xbox was replaced within a week, but the BlackBerry is just now on its way to Cellfix (an agent authorized by American Express to investigate warranty claims.)


started out and finished with a finalized spot in an apartment, where I’ll be living with Kayla and Dave when May rolls around. It will be an interesting experience for sure, but I think it’s time to move on. My monthly expenses should be significantly reduced and I’ll have much more space than my current basement room.

I also went to Colorado for seven days to attend the wedding of Kayla’s cousin Lauren. I met some of her American family and had a great time there. Seeing Rocky Mountain National Park was neat, and I managed to get most of my Christmas gifts while in the States. Kayla also got me the most awesome Christmas present ever, which I will hang with pride in the new place.


More and better beer. Consulting, development projects and a newfound refusal to read stupid feeds on Google Reader!

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