Networking adventures and roadmaps with a new TekSavvy DSL account

I figured that it might be a good idea to draw up a network diagram of my home setup in preparation for a DSL installation later this week. Since about January, I’ve been investigating alternate internet service providers, since there’s no way I can afford having a slow or disconnected Internet line. If Rogers decides to implement bandwidth throttling or caps, I want to make sure there’s a backup connection in case the 8Mbit Extreme line gets pulled or shaped.

I signed up for the 5MBit unlimited DSL package from TekSavvy; they’ve been getting incredibly good reviews on BroadbandReports (DSLReports) and they have technicians active in the forums all the time. I also decided to go with a guaranteed static IP address for the line, since they specifically don’t block any ports.

DSL Network Upgrade Diagram