UW and Rogers bring you weaksauce device pricing

UW’s CampusTechShop outlet has become an authorized Rogers Wireless dealer, and lately they’ve been trumpeting the $25 and $45 student packages. Every carrier in Canada has similar student deals to try and bump new subscribers and ARPU in the fourth quarter.

What I don’t understand is how such an outlet expects to attract new signups through this ridiculous device pricing. (Yes, these prices are on three year contracts.) I’m assuming this is what they’re charging without a data plan… that’s really the only way I think Rogers could justify selling a Pearl for $300.

  • Blackberry Pearl 8120 – $299.99
  • Blackberry Curve Red – $399.99
  • Blackberry Bold – $599.99

Yeah… no thanks. If this is their idea of a special promotional price worthy of an email blast, forget it.