Bell launching $30 unlimited data plan for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

From HowardForums: Bell is launching two new personal data plans similar to Telus’ Email and Web 30.

  • Unlimited Personal Email & Internet BlackBerry 30
  • Unlimited Personal Email & Internet Windows Mobile 30

On the BlackBerry, this package offers unlimited data since all traffic flows through the BIS browsing transport – the only thing restricted is tethering the device to a computer for Internet access, which is charged at $15/MB. US roaming is $8/MB, both figures which seem to fall in with the ridiculous state of Canadian wireless data charges.

While I personally don’t use Bell for wireless – and would definitely go with Telus over Bell if choosing between CDMA carriers – the company has a large number of BlackBerry devices provisioned. It’s a competitive move before the Rogers iPhone and BlackBerry Bold launch, and if you don’t need BES access, this might be a worthwhile plan to investigate.

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