ev98.net domain updates

I’ve escalated the issue with the ev98.net DNS resolution problem. To reiterate the problem, the community blogging/random video/insult site at ev98.net is currently unavailable for public access – it’s been replaced with some spammy search site that apparently is trying to flog DJ equipment or something else useless.

Things from the administration end seem to be fine; I can still log into the administrative panel and phpMyAdmin instances that Future Point provides. I’m also able to access my account using SSH to upload and change files. Right now, I’m currently creating a copy of everything originally hosted on ev98, as well as a backup of the site’s text content, in the event that I have to permanently move things offsite.

For now, I’ve redirected all content on the site to the “hosting preview” address, which still should work. (You might have to log in again, though.)


I’ll update in the near future with what ends up happening. At worst case, the site moves over to a new domain and I have to tell everyone to update their email address information for me. At best case, the site comes back up and I change a few Ethanol settings back.

I also managed to push the WordPress 2.1.1 update here, which apparently fixes some XSS exploit issue. I’m still trying to determine if there’s a legitimate bug with the “custom fields” functionality, since I’d like to exploit that capability for a new project. That’ll have to wait until I can verify things though.