ev98.net is now ev98.org

The site lives again… at ev98.org.

Please update your bookmarks, email addresses, and whatever else you may have that references the previous address. For most of you, this will not involve too much work. For me, it’s a significant amount of pain at a time when I don’t especially need it. There’s still a lot of code referenced in Ethanol that may point to the specific .net domain.

In other words, I’ve moved “the site” to a domain directly under my control. (ev98.net was registered directly to Future Point, my previous web host. The .org equivalent is directly registered to me.) I’m really disappointed that things had to come to this, but I really haven’t been given much choice with the way things worked out.

If I do hear from Future Point’s tech contacts and can make things happen, I will likely permanently redirect .net to point to .org.