Oh, the humanity!

[R]eading YouTube comments is a pretty stern test of the ol’ faith in humanity.

I couldn’t agree more. The hierarchy of Internet commenting goes, from best to worst:

  • Slashdot/Kuro5hin
  • SA Forums
  • Generic blog comments
  • Blog comments on a linked-from Digg site
  • Digg comments
  • YouTube comments
  • GameFAQs, IGN, Xbox.com Forums

Are people not accountable for what they write online anymore? I guarantee you wouldn’t see as many racist, misogynistic, crap-filled comments if people had to post using their full name. There should really be some sort of standard for online posting – that’s why I like Something Awful and the SA forums. The $10 registration fee really encourages quality contributions, giving a more tangible value to your alias.