On cats and wisdom teeth

And now for a bit of personal focus, since I’m up on Saturday morning with a pain in my jaw. More on that later.

Recently Kayla and I became the indentured servants to a pair of cats, which we’ve named Scotch and Soda. I’ve had mixed feelings about cats over the years; I remember wanting one for many years as a kid, but I think it was more the idea of having a “real” pet than anything. Mice can’t effectively curl up on the couch beside you, and don’t really have their own personalities.
I will subject you to only two photos:



I also had four wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and am definitely still recovering. Last night was probably the most painful part so far: an ice pack and two kinds of painkillers didn’t help much. The actual pain isn’t where the teeth were removed, but completely in the top of the jawbone. This morning is a lot better but it’s a good reminder that I need to take it easy for the next few days.


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