CSV and TSV files for countries, states and provinces

I’m currently working on an e-commerce project after my regular job, and needed a batch list of countries, US states and Canadian provinces to prepopulate <select> fields. While Ubercart has one of the more complete implementations on their contributions page, I’m not running Drupal for this application and didn’t feel like reverse-engineering the CIF uploads to work with my much less enraging database. I just wanted some .csv or .tsv files that I could import into PostgreSQL.

The countries file is modified from the Country List with ISO Codes file at Text Fixer, and is a tab-separated value file. phpPgAdmin reads this properly. Change the header columns from ‘code’ and ‘name’ to your preferred table columns, and go ahead.

Countries TSV

The states and provinces files are comma-separated values, and have the same ‘code’ and ‘name’ column headers. The states file was from this blog, which is down at the time of posting but Google has a reasonable cache of the particular page of interest. provinces.csv was compiled by myself.

States CSV

Provinces CSV


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